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Barambah Lures

Barambah Lures by Matt Fraser

Barambah Lures has two distinctly different categories - Production Lures and Timber Lures.

For the anglers, the Producton Lures are designed to catch a wide range of Australian sportfish. Designed by Matt, working with talented engineers and manufacturers, This range incorporates creativity, innovation and durability into quality lures manufactured from a combination of ABS, PC, PVC and TPE plasics to produce outstanding fish catching lures.

Timber Barambah Lures have become highly sought after for their unique designs and high quality craftsmanship in timber work and paint work. Matt started making timber lures in 2015 as a hobbie which quickly became a passion. Going fulltime on timber lures a year later. Inspired by nature, the most well known being the Blue Tongue, JD Cod, Barambah Cray, Barambah Dragon and Budgie. Matt doesn't take orders on timber lures, instead selling at irregular occassions on this website, on the Timber Barambah's Facebook group or directly at the Lure Expo annually.

'Barambah' is the Australian Indigenous word for 'place where water ripples.' On a humble creek bearing the name Barambah, in the South Burnett region of Queensland, is where Matt grew up and developed his passion for fishing.

In 2023 Barambah Lures is fresh and focussed on producing both Timber Lures and Production Lures.

There will be an exciting new range of Barambah Production Lures released in 2023 to target bream, bass, jacks and barra!

Stay tuned to the Barambah Lures Facebook and Instagram pages for regular updates.

Truly authentic, creative and innovative in design, a passion for excellence, defined by attention to detail, inspired by nature and engineered to perform!

by Matt Fraser