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Barambah Lures by Matt Fraser

'Barambah' is the Australian Indigenous word for 'place where water ripples.' On a humble creek bearing the name Barambah, in the South Burnett region of Queensland, is where I grew up and developed my passion for fishing.

After a fourteen year Army Career, I started Nitro Jigheads in 2003 before selling to Pure Fishing in 2006, followed by over 10 Years in their employment, gaining valuable knowledge in the industry.

In 2015 I started shaping timber lures as a hobie, and quickly found a passion for it. So in 2016, I went Fulltime with Barambah Lures - all in timber. A couple of years later I took the step of moving into ABS and PC construction lures for the retail market. Working closely with innovative manufacturers, I was able to combine creativity with great engineering to produce lures that look amazing and perform beyond expectations.

Truly authentic, creative and innovative in design, a passion for excellence, defined by attention to detail, inspired by nature and engineered to perform!

In 2022 Barambah Lures is refocussing efforts in Timber Lures, both production models and creative pieces for the collector market. The main aim for immediate future is to work towards the Australian Lure and Fly Expo at Fernvale - 30 July 2022.

Later in the year we aim to be releasing a new range of crankbaits for the Bass, Jack and Barra Market. There are many other concepts in the works.

Stay tuned to the Barambah Lures Facebook and Instagram pages for regular updates. Cheers,

Matt Fraser