Australia Day Lure Awards 2023

Barambah Lures proudly supports Australian Timber Lure Making Talent by hosting the Australia Day Lure Awards 

The Brief – To create a timber fishing lure with a unique Aussie theme for Australia Day. Be creative, be unique, be inspired and have fun! 

This is your opportunity to come up with a unique idea then test your skills by bringing the idea to life in timber, then getting it to swim. Once you know it works, then paiting and decorating it to really bring it to life.  The three criteria for voting are 1. The Idea 2. The Exacution and 3. The Swim Action. 


1. Open to Australian residents only

2. One entry per person

3. Lure body must be primarily wood, with two or more sets of single, double or treble hooks. Maximum weight 250g (castable) 

4. Lure must have a swimming action - and it will be swim tested

5. Lure must have an Australian theme and be G rated (family friendly) 

6. Lure ideas to be submitted (anytime from now) to Matt by messenger or email at and be approved - to ensure there are no double ups on ideas. Watch all three previous Awards videos, for what has already been done. You can revist ideas from previous years, but the impact may be lessened. 

7. Lures cannot be shown publicly or on social media prior to Voting Video Dropping 22 Jan 2023 to maximise impact. 

8. Entries to be posted in to Barambah Lures for testing and filming.  Posting Window will be from 10th to 20th January 2023 with address TBA. Please post entry in a box, not a padded bag, to reduce chances of damage. Entries will be posted back within 10 days of end of competition, please add $10 cash to cover return postage.


9. Each entry requires - A - Your Name, B - Lure Name, C - Brand (if you have one), and D - short story about the lure idea/background. 80 words or less - if you can write a short story it will sound better than me winging it. 

VOTING – The Voting Video will drop around the 23rd Jan 2023 on Social Media. Voting will be public vote on a 3,2,1 system.  Please share the voting vid as much as possible and encourage your friends and family to vote.  

The Winners will be announced Australia Day 26th January 2023 around 4pm.

PRIZES -  Winner $350 Cash plus Trophy,  Runner Up $150 Cash plus Trophy

Lure Makers Lucky Draw – Supported by Glenlyon Dam Tourist Park and Fishing Unlimited. 

Voters Lucky Draw - $100 Barambah Voucher







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