Collection: Winter Sale 2022

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Barambah production lures are premium products, designed for a wide range of species in both fresh and saltwater application, engineered to perform!

The DETON8OR range is EXPLODING in popularity, with four models in the range from 38 mm to 68mm, they suit everything from bream through to barramundi. Rigged with Chin Nuts to adjust bouyancy, making them the most versatile lures on the market.

The B60 Diver is super effective for deep trolling the impoundments or casting the rivers for bass, golden perch and murray cod. The B80 Diver is also coming out soon.

CHIN NUTS can be purchased in small, regular or large packs to use on other lures, jigs and squid jigs to easily weight them for various applications.

We have the topwater market covered with the Baby Bidjiwong for bass and murray cod, and the Bidjiwong 200 specifically for big murray cod.

Barra Jigheads are built on custom designed hooks to suit barra and cod swimbaits, with a chin eyelet for attaching trebles or harness rigs.

Australian designed and owned, the Barambah Production range of lures is available at good tackle stores everywhere. See Stockist page for details.