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Barambah Lures



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58mm - 14g - 3m Jerkbait 

Silent, Tight Action, Great Casting, 4X Strong BKKs with through wire construction

The DETON8OR 58M is the great allrounder of the DETON8OR Range.  From bass, golden perch and barra in the fresh to jack, cod, trevally and barra in the salt. This bite size lure bats well above its weight with full through wire construction and 4X strong BKK Trebles.

Super versatile - the DETON8OR 58M can float, suspend, slow sink or fast sink - just by changing the chin nut. Straight out of the packet it comes rigged with a 1/24 Oz Chin nut to suspend in the fresh. Remove the Chin Nut  for good bouyancy to float off snags.

For ultimate versatility add a 1/16 to 1/8 Oz Chin Nut to make is slow or fast sink depending on the application. 

The DETON8OR 58M is a fish catching weapon! 

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